Princess Evangile Visual Novel Review


Table of Contents

  1. Story and Characters
  2. Soundtrack and Voice Acting
  3. Art
  4. Difficulty
  5. Eroge level
  6. Final Verdict

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Fate/ Stay Night Visual Novel Review


Table of Contents

  1. Story and Characters
  2. Soundtrack and Voice Acting
  3. Art
  4. Difficulty
  5. Eroge level
  6. Final Verdict


The game that brought about millions of fans around the world, spawned 6 adaptations in anime format..but is it really any good? Some of you probably are already familiar with the story of Fate/ Stay Night. If you’re not however, it is as follows :

Emiya Shirou lives a peaceful life. His wish is to become a Hero of Justice, and as such, he helps everyone without any compensation. One day, he witnesses the fight between two beings that look out of this world, and what’s more, he also sees the girl from this school, Tohsaka Rin, standing by and watching it. He runs quickly to the school, but one of the beings chased after him, and killed him on spot..or so it’d seem. As it turns out, he was somehow saved, and the only thing left there was a red locket. He comes back home, and as he tries to sleep, that being comes back again and tries to murder him. Shirou uses the only form of magic he is capable of, Strengthening, and reinforces weapons around him to try to survive. He runs to the old workshop, and as he’s on the verge of dying for the second time, another being appears in front of him, introducing herself as a Servant, Saber, asking him if he’s her Master, and drives off the other guy, who is introduced as Lancer. Now Shirou has to participate in the Holy Grail War using his Servant Saber, to try and win the aforementioned Grail. The catch? He has to kill other Masters and Servants. Who’s the one who will ultimately win the Fifth Holy Grail War?

This is the premise of the story that captivated many people all around the world. The Visual Novel, being the source material, goes really in depth about it. If any of you are not familiar with the Visual Novels yet :

It’s a book within a game, containing Voice Acting, Soundtrack, and background pictures. Player gets to choose how the story progresses, ultimately leading to a Good or Bad End. Fate’s VN consists of Main Routes :

  • Fate Route
  • Unlimited Blade Works Route
  • Heaven’s Feel Route

Each of them is different, events aren’t the same, characters change depending on the route you’re on and the endings differ. In order to access next route, you have to complete the one before it. It’s that simple.

You are my master

Back to the point, the story of Fate/ Stay Night is really good. It has detailed action, slice of life and romance scenes..Everything goes into detail, just like a book would. You get to choose the most important decisions, such as teaming up, fighting or escaping. The story is rather complex itself, with every route revealing something new to you, and as such, you’ll never be bored while going to the next route thinking “I already know everything”. Trust me when I say it, each route contains a lot of new information the previous one didn’t have. However, as I say it, it’s not hard to dig into the amount of information. You can pause at any time, thinking of the things that appear on your screen. You can take your sweet time trying to understand what you’re told. As such, the plot line of the game isn’t hard to swallow, but is a very beautiful piece of work.

The characters of Fate/ Stay Night are memorable. Everything that happens is told from Emiya Shirou’s POV (Point Of View), while giving us the his thought process. Sometimes the story will be told from the TPV (Third Person View) or from someone else’s, but Shirou’s POV is the one you’ll be seeing the most.

With that said, there is a lot of characters in the game. Not every character gets the same amount of development in each route, but by the end of the game, you realize that everyone has been developing on different routes, giving the characters enough of it to care for pretty much everyone that you get to interact with. You get to witness them mature, change their views as the story goes on, adapting to different situations. If there is one bad thing you can’t say about this VN is that the character development is bad. It’s total opposite, it’s amazing.

Enough with the praises, let’s get to the bad points.

First thing would be the oh-so-tiring kitchen scenes. I mean it, sometimes they’re added there just because. Some of them are important, some of them..simply not. This is one of the reasons people began to call it Fate/ Stay Kitchen or Fate/ Kitchen Life. Besides that, I can’t really say anything in particular that stood out as a bad thing in this game. The story has no plot holes, everything is explained in detail.

Is the story good? Yes it is. Are the characters good? Yes they are! It’s definitely a game worth picking up, even more so if you’re already a fan of the franchise.


If you’ve seen the anime, and you’re wondering if the voices remain the same or are they different..They are not. The anime uses the same Voice Actors as the game, making you feel right at home. Speaking of which, the Seiyuu(VA) did a really good job. Whether it’s one of the infamous kitchen scenes, or battle scene, or just an informational talk, they deliver.

Soundtrack is also really good. It uses quite a big number of songs throughout the whole game, putting them in great situations. Each start of the route gives you a completely new opening song with animated visuals following along. Soundtrack overall is memorable, and the songs even if played in the music department of the game are really good to listen to on their own in various situations.

ART – 8/10

Archer and Rin

The game was released in Japan in 2004. The art by now looks pretty outdated. However, by any means that doesn’t  mean it’s bad. It’s the original art that the anime adaptations use up untill this day. Background art changes quite a lot. Sometimes even three to four times in 10 seconds, if you’re traveling. It represents the events that happen at any given moment, with characters opening their mouths when they speak, and closing them in the very next scene when they don’t talk.

The art for the battle scenes is good. It’s a still image of what is currently transpiring in the story, but allows us to imagine how it all plays out. It’s a really good thing. It is detailed, colourful when needed, and dark when necessary. Can’t really say anything bad about it, besides the fact that it could’ve been better. It could, but doesn’t have to. It’s an 11 years old art by now, and stands strong even now.

Saber vs Berserker


Fate/ Stay Night isn’t a very difficult game. If you get a grasp of characters’ personalities, you’ll be easily able to choose correct choices in order to progress.

That is not to say, however, that you’ll always be right. Sometimes the most logical choice isn’t the best one. With that said, there are 38 Bad Endings in this game, and most of them are very brutal. From Berserker beating you to a pulp and leaving just the blood on the street, to becoming a mindless doll sent to kill your friends. Ilya and Berserker

Like I’ve said before, as long as you wont mindlessly skip through the text, you should be fine. One thing though, remember to save often. My advice? At the beginning of every day, and before choices. It really helps. There are walkthroughs on the internet, and you’re of course free to use them, however, to experience the game the way it was meant to be, I suggest to stay away from them, and look at them when you want to get an alternative ending to a route.


Make no mistake about Fate/ Stay Night. It IS an Eroge.

For those unfamiliar with the term Eroge :

  • Eroge – A game with perverted content in it, usually referring to sex and rape scenes.

With that out of the way, this game contains sex scenes, refers to rapes and graphically displays them.

If you’re afraid the sex scene will happen without you noticing, and you’re scared that your parents may walk worries on that part, the game disables voice acting few scenes before it actually happens, so you can prepare yourself.

Each route has at least one sex scene, some more than the others, and they play a major part in character development.

Rin Flattered


Fate/ Stay Night is a great Visual Novel. It’s also a great entry game to get into this vast genre. It’s not complicated, but it’s very entertaining and informative.

The game had no official release in EU/US but you can get one through various means, as well as importing from Japan, which isn’t very costly, and apply English Patch released by mirror-moon which can be found on their website.

It has two version, RealtaNua and normal. RealtaNua is the version used in PS Vita and such, and it’s the censored one.

For all you internet pirates, there is a version on the internet that says RealtaNua patch in it, but isn’t applied yet..

Is it worth it? Of course it is! If you are already a fan of the franchise, you’re gonna love it! If you’re not, and want to dive deep into the universe, it’s a great game to get you started!