Recommend me! Information Page

  • I’m Soradanza, so please refer to me as Sora, Sky or Soradanza. Any works just fine.
  • I’m doing Anime, Manga, Light and Visual novels review. Bare in mind, I’m just starting, so please go easy but constructive on me!
  • I take requests, if you have one series or more, that you’d like to see my view on, tell me in the comments section down below!
  • Usually I avoid yaoi/yuri content, but if there’s a show or a manga that’s really outstanding feel free to recommend it!
  • I use  MAL , and rate based on my personal enjoyment. That is not to say that my reviews will all be ” I rate 8.8/8 m8 no scope 420 blaze it”


I’ve received quite a few messages about how I view the 1-10 rating system. To clarify, it’s as follows :

  1. – God awful, why did I do this to myself?
  2. – Oh my god, I regret it.
  3. – Not worth the time, I start to think I was better of skipping entirely.
  4. – Really bad, series didn’t know what to do with the material/plot it had.
  5. – Quite bad, very big flaws that could’ve been easily avoided.
  6. – Kinda meh, only if you’re really interested in those sort of things.
  7. – Decent, not bad and definitely worth the time.
  8. – Good, not quite there yet, but something outstanding.
  9. – Very good, still missing something, but definitely one of the best.
  10. – Masterpiece.

That would be about the rating system. It’s more written in a way for the STORY category, but you can get the overall idea for the rest of them while keeping that in mind. If you have any further questions please hit me up!

In the comments section, you guys are free to give me any kind of advices and feedback towards my work here. Also, your recommendations are fine in there as well!

I’ll update this as soon as something just pops in my head, or if any of you guys or gals out there provide me with some feedback or suggestions!

Thanks for taking your time to read it all up! Hope to see you come back!


4 thoughts on “Recommend me! Information Page

  1. ok, loved this page. but it has been quiet. most of the reviews here take a general approach and appreciate all characteristics of the content. But what happen? why have the reviews stooped? Soradanza come back


    • Well, University has been a real pain past two years. Been really thinking about going back every so often, but I find myself without any material to speak of, haven’t seen a full series in a long while. Currently in my free time I’m reading a lot of Sanderson’s work, which isn’t really something that fits the “japanese media reviews” slogan really well. Long story short, Uni sucks for your free time, but maybe soon… No promises though, but thanks for concern!


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