What I’ve been up to? Explanations + Future Plans

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did something good happen?

I’ve been absent for a long, long time. Well, there’re few reasons for that, so let’s get right into them!

Alright, no bullshitting around, time to be real.

My absence, and lack of posts, have been due to my recent exams and my new-found-now-gone job that took a lot from me.
Having said that, I’ve never been one to study hard or, well, study at all, but this time it was quite different. As they were the most important exams in my life, period, I kinda had to make them count. Safe to say I aced my English exam without any mistakes, I did way better than expected on my own native language exam, but then…math happened.
Seriously though, I’ve had this love-hate relationship with math for as long as I can remember. We’re in separation for the most part, and here are the results. So now, I’m stuck with actually studying twice as hard for make-up exams.
That, and like I’ve mentioned, I also got a job. Well paying one, yes, but a job that I’ll never go back to again. The treatment part-timers get there is utterly hilarious, bordering on mobbing.(Sometimes crossing that line) That stressed the living crap out of me, and combining that with so little time for myself, and studying, I was left with no time to actually prepare any quality reviews.

With that out of the way, I also took a break right after my exams, and managed to watch a lot of shows. I mean, a lot. More than 20 at least, but I wasn’t watching them for the sake of reviews, hence I got nothing (no pictures) to write any reviews off of. Eventually, I’ll get to all of them, as the list is fairly big and I’d have resources to last my for months!
I also got into translating some Light Novels into my native language, which is Polish. If any Poles out there have a series in English and want to read them but prefer them to be in their native, hit me up with a comment, email, or message, ain’t matter. This also works in reverse!

So now, the question is : what are my plans moving forward?
For now, I’ll focus on studying, trying to write some reviews in the back to be posted later. It may take me all the way into September to get everything sorted out, but I hope you’ll be patient.

I also would like to thank those who were visiting this site and messaging me what’s up. To all of you – I’m back, not fully, but you can expect some more reviews coming up soon™!


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